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From Sole Proprietors to Larger Corporations, our advisors and associated team of specialists, can assist you in creating a strong Financial/Insurance program for yourself and your employees.

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Your people are likely your most important asset. Offering a group benefits plan to your employees can make a big difference to your business, small or large. A group benefits plan can be put into place for businesses with as few as three employees, and can help to cover costs such as prescription drugs, dental care, and eye exams. With a group benefits plan, you can attract and retain staff, improve morale and productivity, and help keep your employees happy and at work. Group benefits plans are designed to add value to your business by allowing you to offer comprehensive benefits at a competitive price.

Essential features available under a group benefits plan:

  • Healthcare and dentalcare benefits: Help your plan members bridge the widening gap between provincial health insurance plans and the coverage your members and their families need.
  • Wellness and disability benefits: A collaborative approach to managing wellness and disability in the workplace. Drawing on a comprehensive menu of services, this coverage helps protect you and your employees against the financial impact of income loss due to an accident or critical illness. Critical illness benefits can provide your employees with a one-time, lump-sum benefit of $10,000 to $1,000,000 if they are diagnosed illness with a critical condition as defined in the policy, as long as they satisfy the survival period.
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We offer clients the support of Canada’s largest network of group retirement specialists who deliver unparalleled service in group retirement and savings plans. Employers and employees need a leading-edge plan provider who will act as a business partner and offer flexible and competitive products. A group investment plan offers extra buying power, because employee contributions are pooled and invested with many others’, resulting in fees that are generally lower than those you would find as an individual investor. We offer group RRSPs as well as pension plans, allowing for flexibility as a business owner to choose the option that’s best for your business. You can rely on our experience and expertise to provide administration, investment, and record-keeping services for a wide variety of plans, such as RRSPs, registered pension plans, profit-sharing plans, and more.

As your financial security advisor and group broker, we offer:

  • Leading education material and advice including a retirement guide to suit all styles of investors
  • Vast investment choices with tools that will help employers meet their responsibilities
  • Market-leading service anytime through your preferred channel
  • Competitive prices in all markets
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Customized features
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All-in-one Secured Lines of Credit
An all-in-one secured line of credit is a full cash management solution that uses the equity in your home or secondary property to consolidate all of your banking and financing needs. It integrates the features of a mortgage, line of credit, chequing account, savings account, and a source of financing that can be used for everything from day-to-day expenses to home renovations, investment contributions, or even as an emergency fund. An all-in-one provides all the benefits you’ve come to expect from a conventional mortgage, and allows you to use the cash in your savings account to offset the amount you owe each month. The result is reduced interest and can speed up the progress you make on paying off your home loans.

RRSP and Investment Loans
Our RRSP loan program offers flexible product features for financing RRSP contributions. These features, combined with an easy application process and competitive interest rates, make investment loans a simple, smart choice for our clients. While it’s desirable to be debt-free, there are situations in which borrowing has the potential to increase wealth. Whether you’re looking to top up your annual RRSP contribution or catch up on unused contribution room, we have options available for you to borrow to invest in segregated funds or mutual funds.

Meeting your Needs

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