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About Monahan Financial Planning Group

At Monahan Financial Planning Group, our mission is to work alongside you in identifying and then providing solution to your investment and insurance needs. Our proven methods, knowledgeable staff, and extensive product selection will ensure we are able to bring peace of mind to the decisions made. Big or small, our dedicated team will help you to bring your plans into reality.

We hear you
We will take the time needed to ensure we hear what you are saying. Through getting to know you w will be better able to develop the correct plans for you.

Which way is up
Our qualified team will develop the map for our clients to follow to ensure the ideas you have can have the correct dollar amounts attached to them.
No on gets left behind​
We strive to ensure regular contact with our clientele to make sure their plans stay accurate and up to date over time.
No strangers here​
You won’t have to call 1-800 numbers. You won’t find a new face across the desk with every meeting. We strive to find and maintain a quality team within our business so you will have a familiar face greeting you at the door and answering your calls.
You’re #1​
Our team placed great importance on maintaining our professional skill development through continues education and training so we can provide the best service to you.
We value values
We will look to add team members that share and value integrity to ensure our clients priorities are places before our own.

Four cornerstones of financial security planning

Whether your goals are long-term (such as retirement) or more immediate (such as starting a business or saving for a child’s education), we can help you build a financial strategy tailored to your needs and those of your family. In developing your financial security plan, we’ll consider the four cornerstones of financial security planning:

Financial security at death

  • When you die, how can you help safeguard your estate for your family?
  • How much income will your family need?
  • How will inflation affect this income?


  • Would you like to retire early or reduce the time you spend working?
  • When you retire, what type of lifestyle do you envision?
  • How much income will you need to retire comfortably?
  • How will inflation affect this income?


  • Do you have access to cash or liquid assets (i.e. assets that can be easily converted to cash)?

Disability and critical illness

  • How would a critical illness or disability affect your income?
  • Would a reduced income affect your retirement savings and would this reduction affect your lifestyle?
  • How much disability or critical illness insurance coverage is enough?
  • If you become critically ill or disabled and take time off work, how will inflation affect your income?
  • If you become critically ill or disabled, will provisions in your group plan allow you to continue saving for your retirement?

Life stages

We want to understand your needs, recognizing they may change as you proceed through life’s stages.

Early Career
As you start your career, you may want to:

  • Purchase life and disability insurance to cover your income or protect your ability to earn an income
  • Purchase term life insurance or critical illness insurance as a cost-effective way to cover an outstanding mortgage or debt
  • Purchase health and dental insurance coverage if your employer does not offer a group benefits plan

Having children changes your life and your needs. Now is a good time to:

  • Review your financial security plan
  • Plan for your children’s education with options such as registered education saving plans (RESPs)

Business Owner
If you own your own business, you may want to:

  • Consider business continuation, buy/sell agreement funding and key person insurance as part of your business planning
  • Buy insurance to help cover outstanding business loans or mortgages if you die or suffer from critical illness
  • Purchase a health and dental insurance plan
  • Consider group insurance options for your employees

If you are retired or plan to retire soon:

  • Insurance can help supplement your income and can help you leave a legacy
  • Health and dental insurance coverage can take over if your benefits through your employer end upon retirement

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