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Meeting your Borrowing Needs

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From mortgages, to lines of credit, to RRSP and Investment loans – we’ve got your borrowing needs covered!

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Financing a home may be the biggest financial decision you ever make. We’ll help you make sure it’s the right decision by putting you in touch with a Canada Life mortgage planning specialist who’ll help you choose the mortgage that’s right for your lifestyle and budget. More information about Canada Life mortgages Mortgage life insurance protection Whether you’re buying a home or renewing your existing mortgage, there’s something you need to consider. What happens to your family’s dreams if you should die? Would your family be able to stay in their home? Through a personal life insurance policy, you can plan to meet more of your family’s needs in the event of death—including staying in your dream home. Talk to us today to discuss your insurance needs.
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Your home can work for you

Your home can be your biggest wealth-building asset.  The Solutions Banking™ All-in-One uses your home’s equity to consolidate all of your banking and financing needs. It’s a mortgage financing option, line of credit, source of funds for investment, chequing and savings account– all rolled into one simple solution.

Simplify your banking All-in-One may be right for you if:

Mortgage life insurance protection

  • You have a minimum of 20 per cent equity in your property
  • You want to simplify your banking and record keeping
  • You want to pay off your debts faster
  • You’re comfortable with interest rate changes

Most people use a variety of financial products to manage their finances. These include chequing and savings accounts, credit cards, lines of credit, personal and mortgage loans.

While traditional banking separates these accounts, All-in-One allows you to manage all your financial needs through a single product. By combining your borrowing, income, chequing and savings into one solution, you’ll get every dollar working smarter to help save you money.

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RRSP Loans

Whether you want to maximize this year’s contribution or take advantage of contribution room you’ve accumulated from past years, an RRSP loan gets more money growing tax-deferred towards your retirement goals. If you get a tax refund for your contribution, you can use this money to pay down your loan more quickly.

Our RRSP loans let you:

  • Make a bigger contribution to your RRSP
  • Build savings faster with a larger amount earning returns

Is an RRSP loan right for you?
Yes, if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Want to take advantage of available RRSP contribution room

Investment Loans

Leveraging is simply borrowing to invest. Many people have used a form of leveraging without realizing it. Securing a mortgage to purchase a home is a common form of leveraging.

You can use leveraging to enhance your savings because it offers the potential for increased returns and helps you build wealth faster. Most people invest by making small contributions over an extended period of time.

But when you invest by borrowing a larger sum of money at one time, your investments have more time to grow, giving you the potential to build wealth faster and reach financial goals sooner. Since leveraging requires a regular loan repayment schedule, this strategy also provides you with a disciplined way to save for your retirement.

Meeting your Needs

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